Bell & Ross BR01-93 GMT Watch

When the original Bell & Ross BR01-94 watch collection debuted about a decade ago, it was a sort of manly dress watch and there was nothing like this BR01-93 GMT model. There were a few versions, but many of them focused on the piece's inherent luxury status and ability to not look like "just" a 46mm wide wrist instrument. As the collection evolved, Bell & Ross increasingly turned the BR01 into just that - a military-inspired instrument-style replica watches without too much polish, and lots of matte surfaces. There are exceptions of course, but from a sales perspective I think that is what ended up being best for the line.

Bell & Ross' challenge is to keep the BR01 collection fresh, while at the same time maintaining the look and feel of the genre (i.e. the design DNA of the BR01 family). That is a tough task for sure. Only brands like Rolex and Omega are able to sell the same watch year after year with little or no changes. Today the BR01 is still important for the brand, and my hope is that Bell & Ross will update the BR01 with minor upgrades and tweaks and keep it as an icon. Until they get to that point, the consumer is presented with a relatively large range of limited and non-limited BR01 (and its smaller BR03 sibling) to choose from. One of my favorites is this BR01-93 GMT watch originally released a few years ago.

It might be easy to simply pronounce that this BR01 model is like all the rest, but with a GMT hand. That isn't quite true, but it isn't totally off. The case and profile of the GMT is identical to that of the BR01-92 (three-hand automatic). However, the BR01-93 has a different movement, extra spice of color, and a flange ring. Are these different enough to merit a new addition to your collection as well as the price premium? For your reference, you can see our review of the Hublot big bang replica here - probably the most basic of all the BR01 models, designed for elegant simplicity.

In order to keep its dial simple, the BR01 Carbon doesn't even include a date,. That for me is the "base" BR01 design, and everything else just sort of adds on to it. This GMT also has the 46mm wide case in matte black PVD, that is actually quite thin at about 10mm thick and is water resistant to 100 meters. The sapphire crystal is double AR coated. Because case size is always an issue, I will once again reiterate that the flat style square case of the BR01 collection is actually very comfortable. It sits well on the wrist, mostly because of how close the lugs and strap are to the bottom of the case. If you are terribly concerned about its size then I recommend you look at a smaller 42mm wide BR03 model. However, there is no direct GMT analog such as this model in the Bell & Ross BR03 collection.